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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leaving Hate Behind (The Nate Phelps Story)

Hearing from a Phelps Family Surviver is important, and understanding how his religious abuse "drove" him to atheism is important for the wider Christian community to learn from and take in how religion can be an abusive practice.    

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

We'll have to agree to disagree. Some people see this time of year as depressing while others see it as magical with evidence of the divine all around. I tend to see it in somewhat practical terms; this holidays is full of stress. Stress from family, friends, and from society; but I think it's a good kind of stress.

Good because it allows us to focus our attentions on what matters. Money and material possessions are meaningless without family and friends to share them with and on today of all days reflecting on the life and love of Christ one has to be reminded that in humility and simplicity we can find grace. I think Pope Francis has been saying something similar lately. ;-)

Enjoy the day, enjoy your family, but most of all enjoy the simple things in life today because we are not promised tomorrow; and you can't love in the future, only today.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Semester Wind-Down

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It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. It's that time of year when your cousin, brother, sister, friends or others are finishing up their current semester of school. It also happens to be that time of the year when Old Man Winter is waking on the mountain and has sent Jack Frost to scour the land, sharing his gift of cold with the people.

However, it's mostly about being stressed with school...such is life. I've noticed that on top of homework, final projects, the f-word [finals], drama, and lack of sleep...cold season has started up as well. I've adopted a somewhat Carol-esqu attitude toward sickness so far in seeking to prevent my own infection, and the infection of my beloved classmates and best friends:

The best defense sometimes is a great offense when it comes to combatting sickness. Now, am I advocating what Carol's done...of course not, but please people...if you're sick, stay home. 

Being a full time student, I tend to focus on the negative effects of illness on students who do not have a bankable system of sick days, or ability to regain lost days. 

Be warned of the wicked germs that are floating about, and keep yourself healthy with plenty of Vitamin C to boost your immune system. 

If all else fails, seek a Doctor. :-o) 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Libertarian" Arguments about the Debt Ceiling; a Response

This is a popular, trending, picture on Facebook among my friends.

Here is my response: 

The problem is you can't look at a National Budget and make a comparison to a household budget...the two are nothing similar and there is no comparison between the two. Your house does not control the national defense, does not provide for the national highway program, does not ensure domestic tranquility or the general welfare, etc. etc. 

The "Libertarian" argument that the National Budget should resemble a household is a logical fallacy, at best, or a deliberate attempt to obfuscate at worst. 

Government is complex, Government is not efficient, and it is not meant to be simple or "ran" like a business. In a business the goal is maximization of profits, just like in a home the goal is to live comfortably within your means...the role of government is to protect, defend, and preserve your individual rights as an American ... a country unique in the world that allows those who seek to destroy this model of promoting individual liberties and rights, attain office, and seek to destroy the advances made at the expense of those which would be lords of commerce and economic might. 

The "Big Government" is feared by the right because a robust government means an enforcement of individual liberties at the expense of corporate and individual, racism, bigotry, and intolerance, minority power at the ballot box, and the evolution of the American cultural identity from Majority White, to a blending of minorities who will become the New Majority. 

These "Libertarian" misdirections seek to sanction White Power at the expense of Everyone's liberty and rights at law, while maximizing corporate power and sway with government. 

It was in Fascist Italy that Corporate Power and Government Power became as one, and I shudder in fear at what the future of America will be with this mentality fostered and developed in the poor, and uneducated. We see the beginnings of such a future with Citizens United, the emergence of the Tea Party, and a Republican Party that worships at the altar of corporate governance. 

If you care about individual liberty, you must support a robust government that will enforce your rights at law... don't let these feints succeed in undermining your rights as an American. 

These "basic" arguments over simplify situations to confuse the apathetic in an effort to confound them from the truth. Don't be a victim, be proactive. Vote Democrat.



I denote "Libertarian" the way I do because the "Libertarians" I speak of are nothing more than Corporatists, and Uber-Conservatives masquerading as true Libertarians.

As one person who re-blogged this stated, ending the drug war, ending wasteful spending, etc. are very good things which the people do need to discuss and consider (and I would likely support) so long as there was not an adverse effect to individual liberties.

I am concerned with any policies which can adversely affect individual liberties, as well as "classes" of individuals which have traditionally been victimized by the strong at the expense of the weak.

Even as a "liberal" I am more than happy to discuss reducing overall spending by the National Government, but to not take into account that the cost of government is directly proportional to how vigorously you can enforce your rights, or depend on your rights to be protected, is disingenuous.

Thank you for reading. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Update

So I'm thinking about the grand scheme of things of late and I can honestly say that I'm almost to the point of giving up on my childhood dreams of running for office and trying to impact my home state; the "great" State of Alabama. 

The more I continue on in my legal education, and consider the pros & cons of living in the South once I've graduated, I have to say the call which my great-uncles answered, the call of "Go West," has been haunting me lately. 

I'm not one to turn down the option to live in a progressive and more liberal state, but I've never been so far away from family and friends before...especially for such extended periods of time. 

So I'll pose this to the reader...what's your advice? 

MawMaw is Missed.

Kathryn Jean Fain

  • "Amy I sure am sorry to hear about Mrs. Fain. She was a..."
    - Jeb Fannin

Funeral services for Kathryn Jean Fain 88 of Lincoln who passed away September, 14 2013 were held Tuesday September, 17 at 11:00 am at the Dry Valley Baptist Church with burial in Blue Eye Baptist Church Cemetery. She was preceded in death by her husband Travis R. Fain parents Samuel Hall and Laura Edna Franklin son Tommy Ray Fain and 8 brothers and sisters. She was a native and lifelong resident of Talladega county member of Dry Valley Baptist Church and retired nurse from Citizens Hospital. Survivors include her two daughters Kathy F. Nunn and her husband Dorsey, Amy F. Wyatt and her husband Jesse, grandchildren Paul Ledbetter, Meg Gray and husband Jim, Bradley Sparks and Timothy Wyatt, great grandchildren Riley Ledbetter, Lizzie, Emily and Ean Gray her sister Virginia "Kip" Yongue. Pallbearers were Cotton Freeman, Clint Shaddix, Rickey Garrett, Paul Ledbetter, Bradley Sparks and Jim Gray, nephews will serve as Honorary Pallbearers. Dr. Stanley Jett and Rev. Donnie Thompson officiated, Usrey Funeral Home in Talladega directed the services. Mrs. Fain Family would like to thank Citizens Home Health, Lakeside Hospice and Dry Valley Baptist Church for the special care given to them. Online condolences can be made to 

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